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Sleep Apnea and Snoring Therapy for Lawton

The Stop Snoring Lawton teamDo you wake up frequently through the night or wake your bed partners with loud, chronic snoring every night? Experience dry mouth or chronic headaches in the morning? Do you feel tired even after a full night’s sleep? It’s time to visit Stop Snoring Lawton. Dr. David J. Drummond is a skilled and knowledgeable sleep dentist. He and his team offer custom oral appliances as an alternative to CPAP for patients who struggle with this treatment. Oral appliance therapy allows patients to sleep soundly, breathe deeply, and wake feeling completely rested. We welcome patients from Lawton and all surrounding communities to contact our friendly office staff to schedule your sleep apnea consultation today.

Sleep Loss is More Than Inconvenient – It Can be Deadly

Many patients who are diagnosed with, or show warning signs of sleep apnea don’t think treatment for this disorder is a complete necessity. However, sleep is one of the essential bodily needs. As we rest at night, our body has the time to renew and repair. Without deep, restorative sleep, the functions of the dietary, nervous, and cardiovascular systems are negatively impacted. The brain begins to fail in triggering routine behaviors that allow you to function normally. This can lead to memory loss, inability to concentrate, and personality changes.

Every day, your body experiences stresses during regular activities. Breathing, walking, running, thinking – all daily activities put strain on different parts of the body. Sleep gives our over-taxed bodies the opportunity to replace damaged cells and renew expelled energy. Sleep apnea deprives the body of this restoration and places additional strain on dietary, nervous and cardiovascular systems. In order to restart breathing following an apnea event, the brain triggers a panic response. This causes an elevation in blood pressure and heart rate that puts patients at an increased risk for stroke and heart attack.

What It Means to Be a Diplomate of the American Sleep and Breathing Academy 

Dentists who are members of the American Sleep and Breathing Academy may apply for a number of titles that indicate their level of education, training, and experience in treating patients suffering from disordered sleep or breathing. The Diplomate is the highest rank within the ASBA, and in order to be named a Diplomate, dentists must meet all of the following requirements within a two year time frame:

The Many Benefits of Sleep Apnea Treatment

If you’re newly diagnosed with sleep apnea, have difficulty adjusting to CPAP therapy, or simply begin to experience the early warning signs of this common sleep disorder, it’s time to call Stop Snoring Lawton. Dr. Drummond and his team are ready to help you get started down the road to deep, restful nights and happier, healthier days with oral appliance therapy for sleep apnea. Some of the many benefits of treatment for sleep apnea include:

Sleep & Breathe Deeply

When you’re diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), you may think this is bad news. Actually, a diagnosis is the first step toward more and better sleep. With treatment, your body will enter a deep, restorative sleep each night, and you’ll inhale unobstructed receiving all the oxygen your body needs to repair damage and stay healthy.

Feel More Energetic

Sleep apnea sufferers struggle to wake up in the morning. They experience difficulty staying awake during the day. The human body needs the recharge that occurs during sleep to function normally during the simplest tasks. Chronic sleep apnea sufferers experience mood changes, memory loss, and difficulty concentrating that can adversely impact their day to day lives. Without treatment, these negative effects can damage personal and professional relationships. With better sleep, you’ll feel like the best version of yourself every day.

Improve Your Personal & Professional Relationships

In addition to the inability to concentrate and mood swings, lack of sleep impacts job performance for most patients, and some have even reported losing their jobs due to these changes in behavior. Additionally, sleep apnea sufferers also experience decreased libido, which can put unnecessary stress on your personal relationships.

Be a Happier, Healthier You Every Day

The first step down the road to a healthier, happier life for sleep apnea sufferers is finding the right treatment. Many patients think CPAP therapy is their only solution, but Dr. Drummond and the Stop Snoring Lawton team offer an effective alternative for many patients – Oral Appliance Therapy. Without the uncomfortable sounds and sensations associated with CPAP, patients can comfortably sleep soundly and breathe deeply through the night.

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