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Lawton At-Home Sleep Testing

Man sleeping with heart monitorBefore beginning any treatment for sleep apnea, we need to ensure patients have received an accurate diagnosis. Many sleep doctors require patients to complete an in-office sleep study. However, as patients who’ve taken part in these will likely tell you, they don’t seem to accurately capture natural sleep patterns. Instead, patients go into a strange place, get covered with strange wires, hear strange noises, and are asked to sleep in a strange bed. The entire process is anything but ordinary.

Instead, The Stop Snoring Lawton team uses at-home sleep testing. This means you can sleep where you’re most comfortable and receive an accurate diagnosis concerning the quantity and quality of your night’s rest. If you believe you’re suffering from sleep apnea, call our team to schedule a consultation appointment today. We’ll assess your situation and determine whether or not a sleep study is the best course of action. We can also use our at-home sleep testing technologies to determine the efficacy of your treatment, following diagnosis.

Sleep Testing Devices

Nonin 3500 Pulsox

Hand with heart monitor and computer on hand If we decide that a sleep test is necessary for you, we will give you a device to take home known as a Pulsox. It is a small finger and wrist device that is comfortable to wear, and it will monitor and record your heart rate and oxygen saturation level while you sleep. When you wake up the next morning, you’ll simply return it to our office. A doctor will then analyze the data it has collected and use it to diagnose your sleep issues.


Hand with the WatchPAT HST on hand

A trusted brand in at-home sleep testing, WatchPAT provides accurate data about sleep apnea and other disordered sleep events. The information is collected through sensors you’ll attach to your body as directed. Once collected, the data can be reviewed and analyzed in order to determine the severity of your individual case of sleep apnea and develop a personalized treatment planning using an oral appliance, CPAP system, or combination therapy.

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