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Lawton Combined CPAP and Oral Appliance Therapy

An oral appliance and CPAP for sleep apneaThere is no one-size-fits-all solution to treating sleep apnea. Your sleep disorder does not affect you in the same way it affects others, and your treatment plan shouldn’t be the same either. Many people find successful treatment using either a sleep apnea appliance or CPAP therapy. Others need to combine the two treatments to ensure quality sleep. Whatever your unique situation, Dr. David Drummond will work with you to create a personalized sleep apnea treatment plan that will allow you to remain soundly asleep throughout the night. Contact Stop Snoring Lawton to schedule your sleep apnea consultation.

What is CPAP Therapy?

Man sleeping with CPAP nasal mask

CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. As the name suggests, CPAP systems force air into the nose or throat to ensure patients continue breathing during sleep. Depending on patient need, CPAP systems can use a mask that covers the mouth or nose or both. In addition to ensuring the airway is unobstructed, CPAP also provides higher levels of oxygen which improves patient’s quality of rest during sleep. This is one of the most recommended treatment options for patients suffering sleep apnea, and it has been consistently providing patients improved quality of sleep. Unfortunately, there are patients who have difficulty adjusting to the sounds and sensations of CPAP therapy, which can lead to continued poor quality sleep. When patients don’t adjust within a few weeks of nightly use, CPAP therapy may not be the ideal treatment option.

What is Oral Appliance Therapy?

Man placing an oral appliance

Oral appliances can be used to treat both snoring and sleep apnea. In fact these, comfortable appliances are custom crafted to provide improved airflow. The appliances shift the jaw forward. This places pressure on throat muscles that will remove obstruction and allow patients to breathe deeply through the night. Easy to wear, remove, and clean, these oral appliances are great for patients who travel frequently. However, there are some patients who will not experience adequate improvement by using only oral appliances.

Combined Treatment

Model of patient with CPAP nose mask

By using a CPAP unit with a nasal mask and a custom oral appliance, patients may be able to achieve better results than either therapy above. This combined therapy allows patients who are CPAP intolerant to receive the benefits of the CPAP system with a more comfortable administration method. The oral appliance keeps the airway open, so patients can use lower, less invasive levels on their CPAP system. When using higher levels on the CPAP, patients may be uncomfortable and experience dry mouth or chronic headaches.

Do I Need Combined Therapy?

Man looking at CPAP mask

During your sleep apnea consultation at Stop Snoring Lawton, Dr. Drummond will go over all of your sleep apnea treatment options. Combined therapy isn’t the best solution for every patient, but we typically encourage this method for those patients who are CPAP intolerant but do not achieve adequate relief from oral appliances alone and those who don’t achieve better sleep with CPAP alone.

Benefits of Combined CPAP/Oral Appliance Therapies

Happy man waking up feeling refreshed

Patients who choose to combine CPAP and Oral Appliance Therapies, can expect to experience a number of benefits. Some of the most commonly reported advantages of combined sleep apnea therapy include the following:

Contact Our Lawton Sleep Apnea Team Today

If you’re ready to get started down the road to better sleep, it’s time to schedule a sleep apnea consultation at Stop Snoring Lawton. Before your first appointment, take a few moments to complete the Epworth Sleepiness Scale. We can review the results of this simple questionnaire to help you determine whether or not you’re at a high risk for sleep apnea. During your consultation, we can examine this assessment and your experiences. If we determine you likely suffer from sleep apnea, we can help you schedule an in-office or at-home sleep study to provide an accurate diagnosis. If you’ve already been diagnosed with sleep apnea but don’t receive adequate improvement from other treatments, you can also schedule a consultation to determine whether or not oral appliance therapy can help you sleep better.

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