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Types of Oral Appliances for Every Lawton Patient

Man and woman sleeping in bedWe know our patients are all different. Finding the best possible treatments for all of our sleep apnea patients means we need to embrace this difference and find a solution as unique as you are. Even if we determine Oral Appliance Therapy is right for you, we offer a wide range of oral appliances to address specific patient needs and improve the quantity and quality of your sleep. At Stop Snoring Lawton, Dr. David Drummond and his team will create a custom sleep apnea plan to help you sleep better. Contact our team to get started today.

SomnoDent® Sleep Appliances

Model of teeth with SomnoDent appliance

The SomnoDent® line of sleep appliances, like all of these devices, will shift the jaw forward, place pressure on the throat muscles, and keep the airway clear during sleep. The appliances are customized to fit comfortably. SomnoDent® appliances are fully adjustable to ensure efficacy, and they are crafted from the highest quality materials. While using their SomnoDent® appliances, patients can speak and drink without removing the appliance. These appliances are very widely used and offer a 90% success rate.

ProSomnus MicrO2

ProSomnus Micr2 appliance

Unlike other kinds of oral appliances, the ProSomnus MicrO2 device does not have a piece intended to keep the tongue in a neutral position. The MicrO2 is crafted using state-of-the-art digital impressions to ensure the most precise, comfortable fit possible. While this appliance is designed to be effortlessly adjusted for maximum efficacy, there aren’t multiple pieces that need to be connected and placed every night. The MicrO2 is just one easily placed piece.

The Narval Appliance

Man using a Narval Appliance

Very similar to SomnoDent®, the Narval appliance shifts the jaw forward to clear the airway for a restful night of sleep. Unlike other oral appliance therapies, the Narval is made from a highly flexible material. This is great for patients who have sensitive gag reflexes or those who can’t adjust to treatment with oral appliances crafted from harder materials. Lightweight and highly malleable, the Narval is a durable, quality product that delivers great results for many patients. As is possible while wearing other appliances, patients using the Narval appliance can speak and drink. Additionally, the small, soft appliance allows patients to fully close their mouths, which is not typically possible with traditional appliances.

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