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Brain Damage and Memory Loss: The Sleep Apnea Connection

May 14, 2024

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a forgetful man looking through his desk

There are millions of people struggling with the effects of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in the United States alone. Since this disorder can negatively impact your ability to get enough rest, you’ll want to seek treatment to improve your overall health. On top of affecting your breathing and circadian cycle, apnea episodes can also take a toll on your brain function and memory retention. Keep reading to learn how sleep apnea can impact the brain and how treatment can help.


4 Tips for Maintaining Your Oral Appliance

April 3, 2024

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person wearing oral appliance

Are you suffering from sleep apnea and in need of assistance? Fortunately, there is help available. There are sleep specialists who have a focus on treatments like sleep apnea through the use of a range of treatments. This includes oral appliance to be worn at night. Oral appliances can be used to move your jaw forward to stop airway blockage. Since harmful bacteria can grow on them while you sleep, it’s vital to care for the appliance properly. Read on to learn how to clean them to avoid dental issues.


How to Adapt to your New Oral Appliance

March 6, 2024

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Young woman trying to sleep

When people first start treating their sleep apnea, they often find that they don’t get better sleep right away. That’s because it usually takes people a while to adjust to their CPAP machine; in many circumstances, they never quite get used to wearing a mask to bed.

Oral appliances are often a much more comfortable option for patients who aren’t thrilled about the prospect of a CPAP machine. However, even this can take some getting used to; here are some ways to make that process easier.


Can Exercise Help Sleep Apnea?

February 25, 2024

Filed under: Uncategorized — tntadmin @ 12:03 am

Close up of walking man’s feetSleep apnea is a common condition with potentially deadly complications with no treatment. Obstructive sleep apnea is the most prevalent form. It is caused by an obstruction in the upper airway that is created by the soft tissues in the back of the mouth or tongue collapsing. This can result in frequent breathing disruptions while sleeping. Anyone can be at risk of sleep apnea, but there are factors that can contribute to its development, like obesity. Researchers have found that exercise can help improve sleep quality and lessen breathing disruptions. 


How Does Temperature Affect Sleep Apnea?

January 13, 2024

Filed under: Uncategorized — stopsnoringlawton @ 7:12 pm
Senior woman adjusting her thermostat at home

During the cold autumn and winter months, do you tend to turn the thermostat up in your house? You might do so even at night so you can feel cozy and warm as you drift off to sleep. Or perhaps you are someone who likes their bedroom to be on the cool side. While indoor temperature might seem like nothing more than a matter of personal preference, it can actually have an impact on your health. In particular, it might affect your sleep apnea. How is that the case? This blog post explains.


How Long Do People with Untreated Sleep Apnea Live?

December 21, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — stopsnoringlawton @ 12:20 am
Man sleeping on the couch

Sleep apnea is more common than you may think. In fact, approximately 30 million Americans are suffering from it. However, only around 6 million people have received a diagnosis. What many people don’t know is that sleep apnea can have a significant impact on life expectancy. After all this condition can have serious effects on your health. Continue reading to learn more about sleep apnea, how it affects lifespan, and which treatment options are available.


3 Scientifically Proven Ways You Can Treat Sleep Apnea at Home

November 7, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — tntadmin @ 2:50 pm
older woman waking up feeling refreshed

Can you fix sleep apnea naturally? Many people ask themselves this question after waking up feeling exhausted morning after morning. While professional treatment is the most reliable way to take control of sleep apnea, there are a few proven things you can do at home that have been shown to reduce (or even eliminate) the symptoms. What are they? Thankfully, you can start taking advantage of these today!


Who Needs a CPAP Machine?

October 7, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — stopsnoringlawton @ 4:22 pm
Man sleeping while using CPAP machine

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy is quite common among individuals who struggle to get high-quality sleep. A CPAP machine works by using mildly pressurized air to promote uninterrupted breathing throughout the night. But who exactly needs a CPAP machine? Are there any effective CPAP alternatives? This blog post explains the answers.


Can Chiropractic Care Help My Sleep Apnea?

September 2, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — stopsnoringlawton @ 7:35 pm
a patient receiving chiropractic care

A good night’s sleep is essential for our overall well-being, but for many people, sleep apnea disrupts this crucial rest. This common condition affects millions worldwide, leading to countless hours of lost sleep that ultimately impedes one’s physical and mental functionality. While it can be caused by various factors causing the obstruction of the airway, one other and often overlooked culprit is the alignment of the spine. Continue reading to learn more about how sleep apnea is influenced by spinal position, and how professional treatment can offer a practical and effective solution.


Low Vitamin D & Sleep Apnea Are Connected…But How?

August 15, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — tntadmin @ 11:52 am
woman pondering outdoors

People are spending more time indoors than at any other point in history, and who could blame them? There are literally multiple streams of limitless entertainment available, you can have everything delivered to your front door, and temperature records are constantly being broken. Unfortunately, this comes with some drawbacks, such as a spike in vitamin D deficiency. Alongside this is a drastic increase in the rate of sleep apnea, which has many healthcare providers asking a simple question: “Are the two related?” The answer is actually quite complicated.

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